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The Alameda County Sheriff’s Air Squadron is an organization affiliated with the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department made up of a group of volunteer pilots and associate members that have an interest in aviation and public safety. This group volunteers their time for the benefit of the Sheriff’s Department and the population of Alameda County. The Alameda County Sheriff’s Air Squadron is a member of the Western States Association of Sheriff’s Air Squadrons and keeps its flying and search and rescue skills honed up by competitions during the year with other county sheriff air squadrons throughout the western states.

The Air Squadron meets once a month at the Office of Emergency Services near the Santa Rita jail in Dublin, California. All of the pilot members are sworn in as Sheriff's Office of Emergency Services Volunteers and stand ready to assist the Sheriff and county in any disaster relief in which their help is needed. The volunteer pilots also provide administrative flights flying deputies and evidence as well as Sheriff’s Department personnel when needed to various parts of the state for Sheriff’s Department business.

We are trained and prepared to perform search and rescue missions throughout the county or in adjoining counties where mutual aid is requested. The Air Squadron maintains two emergency prepared hangers, one located at the Livermore Airport and the other at the Hayward Airport. Both hangers are equipped with emergency generators and a complete line up of radio communication equipment both air frequencies and Sheriff’s Department frequencies. Both of our units have computers, Internet access, e-mail, flip phones and faxes as well as food and water to sustain a ground crew of 4 for a week.

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The mission of the Alameda County Sheriff’s Air Squadron is to furnish trained pilots and aircraft for any official purpose deemed necessary by the Sheriff of Alameda County. Services provided by the Air Squadron include, but are not limited to, aid in law enforcement, search and rescue, disaster assessment and relief and administrative transport.  The ancillary purpose of the Air Squadron is to promote air safety and the betterment of general aviation.

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